Specialty Programs

Comprehensive Energy Program

The Fuel Marketers' Program is designed to encompass all aspects of the petroleum delivery system. We cover all types of fuel to be delivered to manufacturers, retailers or end users, from gasoline, propane, home heating oil, and used oil. We specialize in this type of business offering specialists in the industry to bring the best service and support available. This program is available for fuel transportation companies who have Gasoline and/or Distillate Transporter Operations, Wholesale Distribution (including Terminal Operations and Brokered Sales) or retail Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores.

Risk Reducing In-Cab Camera Program

This cost-effective In-Cab camera program is a proven risk reduction and management tool. With the use of G4 sensors and transmission of data and videos via the Sprint cellular network, it reports all incidents daily. The program is designed to help lower the frequency and severity of accidents and help improve driver safety. It should be noted that the camera does not invade the privacy of your drivers and ONLY records 12 seconds of video in the event of an incident (accident, hard maneuvers/braking). To learn more about this program please contact us.

A.V.E.R.T. Program


Your business is not the same as other transporters, so why have the same insurance they do?

You will be provided a customized package based on an in-depth analysis of your specific liabilities.Auto Hauler Insurance

  • Trucker's Liability & Physical Damage Coverage
  • General Liability Coverage (for the tractor and while delivering a car off of the trailer for up to 3 miles)
  • Property Coverage
  • Garage Liability Coverage
  • Garage Keepers Coverage
  • Inland Marine / Motor Truck Cargo Coverage (Total Constructive Loss / Diminished Value)
  • Additional Insured Coverage Filings for Federal and State

National Transportation
Insurance Specialists, LLC


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